Food Scrap Pickup Service for Central Oklahoma

Want to compost but don't have time or space?

Fertile Ground makes it easy to compost. We provide a bicycle-powered compost collection service.

Each week we pick up your food scraps and take the scraps to one of our partner community gardens or urban farms. The gardens and farms utilize the finished compost to produce healthy, naturally-grown foods.

Contribute to the local food economy and keep scraps out of the landfill.

Why compost?

About one third of household waste is compostable, yet only a tiny fraction gets composted each year. Composting makes use of an important resource rather than sending it the landfill to be wasted. Compost is key to growing healthy, nutritious food. Compost improves soil structure, adds beneficial microbes to soils, acts as a slow-release fertilizer and increases the moisture holding capacity of soils. Farmers and gardeners need this vital resource. Support local food production by composting!

What can I compost?

Fruit and Vegetable scraps, egg shells, bread, pasta, nuts and grains, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, paper towels and napkins, paper plates, paper rolls, tissues, shredded pizza boxes.


How does it work?

Sign up below and select a payment method.

We will deliver your compost starter kit within 2 business days.

On pickup day, one of our workers will come by on a “Dirt Bike” and empty the contents of your compost bucket into our compost receptacle. The worker will clean your bucket with a natural cleaning product, replace the paper bag liner, and put the bucket where it was.

Where does it go?

Our pickup routes are clustered near our compost partners in Oklahoma City and Norman. We deliver food scraps to each site and allow the garden or farm to decide how to put the compost to use. Our current partners include: CommonWealth Urban Farms, Urban Neighbors Community Garden, Joy Mennonite Church Community Garden, and more to come. Let us know if you would like us to add your organization to our compost partner network.

Where is your service area?

Our compost routes are centered near the core of Oklahoma City and Norman. If you’re not in our service area, the signup form below will put you on a waiting list. We will contact you when enough interest exists in a particular neighborhood or region to add a new route.

Other Services

Commercial Compost and Recycling

Has your company been looking for ways to mitigate your environmental impact?  Commercial Compost and Recycling services can help you do your part!

Garden Services

Interested in growing your own food but don't know where to start? We can get you started and provide ongoing maintenance for the busy gardener.

Zero-Waste Event Service

Minimize the environmental impact of your next event.

Our Team

Fertile Ground is a worker-owned cooperative that attracts worker-owners who have an interest in composting, gardening, and permaculture related activities. Worker-ownership is at the center of Fertile Ground’s core values. When workers own their labor voluntarily, businesses thrive not for distant shareholders, but for everyone: workers, customers, the community, the environment, and the local economy. Workers who are rooted in their community don’t tend to ship their jobs overseas or pollute their own backyards. They invest their time and energy into making their community a better place. We hope to show others that cooperation, working together, is a better way of doing business.

For more information about Worker Cooperatives, check out the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

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